Hillcrest offers student-athletes the opportunity to play their sport for one year after they graduate without losing any college eligibility. Many graduating seniors today are not ready physically, educationally, technically and/or competitively to excel at their desired level of college sports.

Hillcrest provides them with the very best training and preparation to successfully advance to the next level.

Student-athletes may need the extra year between high school and college for academic reasons (i.e., low SAT/ACT scores, low GPA, and/or ESL or TOEFL issues).

This extra year after high school gives the student athletes a chance to live independently and get a sense of college life before actually attending college. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credits through our dual-enrollment programs with Grand Canyon University and Rio Salado Community College.

Colleges and universities recognize the value of students enrolling after they have attended a post graduate program. Coaches appreciate that athletes from post graduate programs enroll with all of their eligibility remaining (which is not the case after competing at the junior college level). Parents can rest assured knowing that the post graduate experience will help their child acclimate to college much easier. These combined elements lay a strong foundation for ensuring long-term collegiate success.

Hillcrest Prep also has one of the Top Post Graduate teams in the country that plays nationally .